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This deal was featured on Tuesday June 15th 2010:

$25 Gold Facial at Rani Spa

60 minutes (58% off - regularly $60.00)

The Gold Bar Ayurvedic Facial combines the ancient healing art of the facial massage with the effective treatment of herbal face masks. This facial uses energy and massage strokes to activate the twelve major nerve centers on the head, all the while removing white and blackheads and adding luster to your skin! This facial includes face, neck, back, arms, hands, and feet massage- meaning your therapist will be with you for a complete hour to massage your limbs during your mask and steam time. Treat yourself, and do so at any Manhattan, Queens or Long Island Rani Spa location! Thanks Rani!


$50 Red Rose Facial AND 30 min Swedish Massage

90 minutes (50% off - regularly $100.00)

Dr. Rani’s Red Rose Facial is based on an ancient herbal skin care technique, which has been highlighted by fresh rose petals and facial creams. It helps in improving skin texture. Feel the fresh herbs and essential oils that penetrate deeply into your skin tissues. It nourishes and renews your skin. Then nourish the rest of you with a 30 min Swedish massage. Ahhhhhh..


$75 Mineral Green Facial AND 60 min Swedish Massage

120 minutes (53% off - regularly $160.00)

Enjoy this nourishing facial and then follow it with a relaxing 60 min Swedish massage. This facial is perfect for dry, rough, neglected, dehydrated, ashy or sensitive skin and significant differences will be seen and felt after just one treatment. Rani Spa says that this facial not only changes people's faces; it changes people's lives!
Now THAT's an upgrade!!


Rani Spa

587 10th Avenue
New York, NY 10036

(212) 629-7264

Here's what the spa says about themselves:

A staple in the spa world since 1992, Rani Spas now has locations throughout Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Owner, Dr. Rani Thukral, has certainly come a long way from performing mini cosmetology services on the streets of New York to getting her PhD from Boston while being a successful mother and wife; to running a Spa company today with over 14 locations and 3 cosmetic label brands in New York with sister offices in India and China.

With careful selection of herbal products and signature treatments, Dr. Rani has captured a mass New York metropolitan market by offering everything to do with beauty, from hair loss treatment to bridal makeup and generating a loyal following all over Long Island and Queens. Due to her success in hair loss treatment she continuously receives online mail orders for her famous hair loss treatment shampoo and conditioner which was formulted by herself.

Dr Rani was a pioneer in her field to introduce Ayurvedic beauty, Ayurvedic techniques, and Ayurvedic lifestyle to the western world of New York City. Though Rani Salons in New York were started in 1992, the first Rani salon was founded and started by Dr. Rani in 1970 in New Delhi, India.

What others are saying about the spa:

BlackBook Magazine says,

"Sharp staff, top-notch waxing, threading, and other pampering techniques from duo of Dr. Rani Thukral and young, entrepeneurial scion Anuj Thukral. Tranquil sea- green walls give way to snug, upstairs pleasure den that puts you right into your happy place. Dr. Rani's specialists work their magic aryuvedic style using millenium-tested, traditional Indian methods. Free consultation with the doc reads more like a fortune telling of skin types. Healing is her forte, so unlike rigid spas, don't expect to get the boot if your 30-minute massage runs over."

Yelp User, Ashley K says,

"They really know how to keep your customer coming. they always give you something extra when you step in their spa. i just went for my hair trim but they also gave me a free mini facial. they applied their aqua mineral mask on me. oh my gosh my skin feel so good. i end up buying it and they gave me a good deal with it. i am also going to get one for me sister too. i recommend this to people specially if you have acne problem."

Yelp User, Kallie W. says,

"The Thai massage that I received from Lek was equal to the Thai massage I received at the PS Spa in Pattaya, Thailand. I found out that Lek was from Thailand and had practiced massage therapy for almost 10 years. One of the reviewers had a problem with oil on her.(but) I took a shower in the attached bathroom of the massage room. :-) So there you have my two cents on this place. Oh and this place looks beautiful."

Okay, here's what you need to know about this featured spa...


Why I like the spa:

  • Dr. Rani is still involved in the every day operations of the spa and will even do consultations with customers! That is hands on service!
  • Whether you live in Long Island, Queens or Manhattan, there is a Rani Spa that is convenient for you to go to- It's everyone's local neighborhood spa!

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We liked the alliteration. And million dollar Mondays seemed too pricey.

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Who is SpaSally?

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What is the meaning of life?

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